The first CWMUN academic simulation.







This morning, three Baccalaureate students, Mireia, Gerard  and Nona, have taken  part in the first CWMUN academic simulation organized in Barcelona by St.Peter’s School. Thanks to the learning model Global Classroom, the project puts under the spotlight the training model on which the experiences linked to Model United Nations are based.

It gets strength not just from the contents, but above all from the aptitude of stirring up and focusing on the personal and relational features of the individual. The possibility of competition with other people and the attempt to convince them that your ideas are the best even if they represent different cultural and political interests, require a deep knowledge of cultural identities.

The respect of such differences, without ever giving up to a constructing criticism, the skill of problem solving, the determinations in defending your position without ever refusing to confront with the other’s ones, these are essential elements in order to obtain a diffused approval and establish the practice of a positive leadership.

Such model being constantly enforced, with the English language as main instrument in a fully international background, it represents the very distinguishing mark for a productive entrance in the field of global working. CWMUN offers to thousands of students an efficient training ground based on the method called ‘’learning by doing’’.