This 3rd term, some of our Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students will be sitting the official Cambridge Examinations, which will take place at our school on Friday 5th May (speaking) and Saturday  6th May (writing, listening and reading). 

These examinations will allow our students to demonstrate their level of proficiency in English to the rest of the world, since Cambridge certifications are recognised by thousands of universities, governments and employers. 

Everyone has been working very hard throughout the whole course, and we are sure they will do a great job! Good luck!


Roald Dahl Day is celebrated all over the world on his birthday. But this school year, to mark the centenary of Dahl’s birth in Cardiff in 1916, there’s a whole range of activities around the world with the biggest and boldest taking place in our school next Thursday 16th February at 5.15pm with amazing characters of Dahl’ stories in the dinning room of the school.

We look forward to seeing you there. Do not miss it!

English Team.


Escola Garbí has taken part in the Annual Coordinators Meeting for Bilingual Learning in Madrid. The main aim of our session was to peer into our renowned progressive approach to education through English Language and the se of new devices in our FL Department enhancing an extraordinary impact in our primary and secondary students as well as for teachers, promoting mobile devices as a featuring high mobility, convenient network connectivity, and smart applications extendibility.

Our session has demonstrated that iPads and mobile phones are an ideal tool for creating an interactive, collaborative, and ubiquitous environment for learning a foreign language provided that the technological affordances of the device have been fully explored with the students in advance promoting an independent and cooperative language learning in- out of our school community in which English is used as a real vehicle of communication.


captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-20-a-les-18-54-51Els alumnes d’EI5 han realitzat un projecte de treball comú que ha acabat amb un producte final sorprenent: la creació d’un METRO de dues línies.

Amb un entusiasme creixent, els nens han anat assimilant coneixements de manera significativa i transversal tot desenvolupant les seves capacitats i adquirint unes estratègies imprescindibles pel procés d’aprenentatge.

Amb un acte molt solemne, el METRO ha quedat inaugurat donant pas a una activitat en cooperació basada en el desplaçament per les dues línies. Per poder realitzar els diversos trajectes, han hagut de millorar les seves habilitats  en aspectes com ara l’orientació, la interpretació d’esquemes i el domini de l’espai, entre altres. Encara caldrà molta pràctica ja que hauran de mostrar la seva obra als companys d’Educació Infantil i també a alguns nivells de Primària.

Com és habitual a l’Escola, els nois de  3r d’ESO  han col·laborat amb els més petits posant la Tecnologia al servei de l’aprenentatge. Aquest ha estat un exemple més de participació i cooperació entre diferents etapes.

Podeu trobar informació en el bloc d’Infantil:



On Tuesday 31st May, Laia A. Foster will introduce an iTTLEFS session at URV Tarragona to promote a particular highlight on how students are able to learn through apps and networking sites in-out school supporting Erasmus KA 2 Projects and school-exchanges. Our session wants to demonstrate that iPads are an ideal tool  for creating an interactive, collaborative, and ubiquitous environment for learning a foreign language, provided that the technological affordances of the device have been fully explored with the  students.


Captura de pantalla 2016-05-19 a les 18.31.50


This morning, our school has participated in the First DEAiA First Spring Institute URV: Content and Language Integrated Learning ( CLIL) .  Ms. Laia A.Foster has set up 60 minutes talk introducing the importance of iPads and alternative mobile devices in CLIL. She has addressed practical approaches to CLIL. with elaborative material that CLIL teachers have been designed during this school year.

The aim of the institute has been to bring together local and international teachers, researchers and curriculum designers working in the area of CLIL and CLIL-related programs to share how they approach the incorporation of CLIL into their schools and educational settings.

This event has been a feature a presentation on Functional Language Awareness in CLIL. The primary objective of this presentation has been  to illustrate how identifying language functions and using language awareness can help CLIL teachers better promote academic language in English. Please visit the following website to peer into this event:


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This morning, our 66 Young Learners English (YLE) Movers have taken the test in our school premises. Movers is the second of three tests specifically designed for schoolchildren aged between 7 and 12. This test is a reliable and consistent measure of how well  our 4th Primary students are doing in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Tests are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged to work towards certificates, earning ‘shields’ that record their progress. Kindly note, Flyers Official Exams will be tested tomorrow morning.


We are delighted to announce that this morning Internal Cambridge Assessments have been take place in our school premises. It is an honour and privilege to mention that Cambridge Candidates have been increased considerably in our school.
This year, Escola Garbí has registered 10 CAE Candidates, 61 First (FCE) Candidates and 21 PET’s .Today, students have tested their four Language skills communicatively to improve and promote their english competences.

Results information will be posted by the end of June at