Cinc alumnes de les classes Espriu i Darwin són a Budapest per participar en un projecte Erasmus conjuntament amb escoles de Bèlgica, Turquia, Hongria i Portugal.

El projecte té Erasmus KA2 té com a objectiu compartir les experiències que duen a terme, les diferents escoles participants, dins l’’àmbit dels Serveis Comunitaris.


From 20th until 23rd November, Fundació Escoles Garbí has offically launched  the Erasmus KA219 Project with three-days meeting in Barcelona with Poland, Turkey and Romania.

This morning, our team has had an official ceremony  in the Town Hall of Esplugues de Llobregat to welcome the participants and encourage them for the well-being of the project.

All partner institutions came together to exchange project details and discuss its implementation.

This meeting was also a great occasion to get to know each other better and to organize the first call of applications that will be launched at the beginning of February in Barcelona.




Durant la setmana passada, a l’àrea d’anglès, els alumnes de diversos cursos de l’etapa d’Educació Primària van realitzar diferents activitats relacionades amb la festivitat de Halloween. 

El resultat d’aquestes tasques van ser uns treballs manuals que, en conjunt, han servit per transformar l’entrada de l’Escola en un racó terrorífic i fantasmagòric que espantaria petits i grans.

La col·laboració dels alumnes i els mestres de tota l’etapa faran que el dia 31 d’octubre sigui una data difícil d’oblidar aquest curs pels nostres alumnes. Si us hi atreviu, esteu tots convidats a donar una ullada!


This morning our first transnational project meetings and learning activities have been taking place in Sitia, Greece.

The first meeting has been essential for discussing all the aspects of the project, share and define responsibilities, preparing the evaluation plan and the plan how to measure the impact.  Our 4rt ESO students, Bruna Elias and Emma Marti, have introduced our country and school in front of our European Partners fostering educational cooperation and collaboration.

The fundamental  aim of this meeting is to produce synergy for outcomes that are only possible by working with others.Communication allows all the participants to develop their understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages, learn from each other and helps students acquire competences.

A Creta (Grècia), hem iniciat aquest curs  l’Erasmus K2 amb el projecte “Escola inclusiva”. Bon viatge ambaixadores!


On Thursday 5th October, we held at Garbí – Pere Vergés Esplugues our annual Cambridge Ceremony. This year we had the presence of Mr. Tom Wogan from Exams Cataluña, who reflected on the importance of learning English in a fun and motivating way.

Afterwards, the results of the CLIL activity during the 2016-2017 academic year were presented. The school’s CLIL approach follows the premise of using English as a vehicular language to gain knowledge on other areas. During last academic year, students at Garbí – Pere Vergés participated in an average of 83 hours of CLIL activities, including class discussions, watching movies, reading articles and writing essays, among other activities. These 83 hours, added to an average of 140 hours of English classes, represent approximately 25% of English exposure throughout the whole year’s teaching hours.

We sincerely believe that this is how our students will integrate the use of English into their everyday life. As a result, more than 200 diplomas were awarded at this year’s ceremony. Success is our commitment: we consider that English must be learnt at school and this is why we will continue working in order to give the most meaningful and exemplary education to our students.

From the Àmbit de Llengües i Comunicació, we would like to thank Mr. Wogan, the school’s management team, teachers and, of course, families and students for joining us during this celebration.

Let’s keep working together!


Dimecres i dijous d’aquesta setmana, els alumnes de 4t d’Educació Primària de l’Escola van realitzar els exàmens de certificació de nivell de Cambridge, concretament la prova de Movers. Des de l’Escola animem a tots els valents i valentes i per demostrar tot el seu coneixement de la llengua anglesa.


This 3rd term, some of our Secondary Education and Baccalaureate students will be sitting the official Cambridge Examinations, which will take place at our school on Friday 5th May (speaking) and Saturday  6th May (writing, listening and reading). 

These examinations will allow our students to demonstrate their level of proficiency in English to the rest of the world, since Cambridge certifications are recognised by thousands of universities, governments and employers. 

Everyone has been working very hard throughout the whole course, and we are sure they will do a great job! Good luck!


This 2nd term our students of 2nd of ESO have done an English project about Healthy Living. This project consisted of creating a leaflet and a video giving general information and advice to prevent some illnesses and addictions such as: anorexia, smoking, alcoholism, doping, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. Here you have some pictures of the leaflets they have created and the winning video. Congratulations to all the students that have made this excellent project!



This term our 2nd of ESO students have been developing a project about healthy living during which they have prepared and done a lot of different activities. Last Monday, they were the English teachers of 1st of ESO students! In groups they presented different activities to their younger school mates. The aim of these activities was to make them conscious about the importance of good dietary habits for better health. The activities were very interactive and both levels enjoyed a lot!